5 Responses to “Bright Stars, An Organic Tanka Anthology: Call for Submissions”


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  1. thanx for the good news you are the only person Ive ever submitted to besides the sketchbook

  2. I love this idea, I’m going to submit a few tanka for consideration! Thanks for coming up with the idea.

  3. Brian Zimmer

    At last an anthology open to some of the finest tanka being written anywhere.

  4. Spiros Zafiris

    ..bravo M. Kei..! presently some administrator (or an underling of his) has turned off my Internet, though I always pay my bill but it will not stop me from sending a few tanka/kyoka..I truly admire
    your energy, M.K.–hope I don’t forget..best wishes..>>Spiros Zafiris

  5. Joann G

    I am so glad to see someone publishing mondo and sedoka.