2 Responses to “Fire Pearls 2 : Short Masterpieces of Love and Passion Published in Print and Ebook”


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  1. Respected Mr Kei,

    I feel honoured being a part of the contributor of the great anthology, “Fire Pearls 2″. It has been a great excitement to read your preface.We congratulate you for your poetic effort to bridge human race, across continents, through poetry of love and passion. The anthology would remain as one of the brilliant pieces in the annals of world literature.

    Warm regards

    Pravat Kumar Padhy, Ph.D

  2. Jade Pandora

    Dear Mr. Kei –

    Even as I type this, you are getting ready or about to begin the 6:30pm (PST) reading of the Fire Pearls 2 tanka works on Twitter. I have no account on Twitter nor do I have time to find out how to set one up in time, so just let say that I’m thrilled about this event. I would love to find out if we will all have the option to purchase a CD of the recitations (PoetsOnSite mention an album). And last but certainly not least, I am more than in awe to be part of this publication as one of the contributors amidst so many other truly wonderful poets! Thank you always —


    Jade Pandora